Clinic Director, Dr. Chika Ohara

Message from Dr. Ohara

I dedicate myself to giving eye care treatment that anyone, from infants to the elderly, can receive with reassurance and peace of mind. Don’t hesitate to consult me, even for the smallest of problems.

Clinic Director – Chika Ohara, M.D.
Ophthalmologist certified by the Japanese Ophthalmological Society

Certification as an ophthalmologist by the Japanese Ophthalmological Society is given strictly to doctors who have produced a thesis and given an academic conference presentation, as well as had experience with clinical work and surgery before passing examinations.
Also, at the Chika Ohara Eye Clinic, our main method of treatment administration is ocular instillation, but we also incorporate treatment through Chinese herbal medicine approved by the National Health Insurance, benefiting from Eastern medicine to optimize the health condition of patients’ eyes.


Below is a link to a video introducing Dr. Ohara (in Japanese.)

Click below to read feedback from patients of Dr. Ohara’s previous clinic in Kichijoji, Tokyo, where she worked until April 2012 (in Japanese.)
Kichijoji | QLife

Personal information

名前 Chika Ohara
Astrological sign Aries (Proactive, she can make decisions on the fly)
Blood type A
Her connection to Fukuoka Born of a mother native to Fukuoka, she spends her elementary school years there. Her late father was a professor of ophthalmology working for a university hospital, and because of his work, Ohara grew up in different locations: the UK, Fukuoka, Tochigi and Tokyo.
Favorite foods Meat♪ Sweets♪
Hobbies and interests Reading, movies, foreign TV dramas, golf (she was captain of her university golf club), but recently getting enough sleep is her top priority.
Dislikes Preparing lunch for her daughter in high school, wasabi, hot mustard and of course, lack of sleep.


March 1999 Graduated from Tokyo Women’s Medical University
from April 1999 Joined the Department of Ophthalmology of the University of Tokyo
Worked at a branch of the University of Tokyo Hospital
Worked at the Mitsui Memorial Hospital, Tokyo
After working at the Nippon Medical School Hospital, worked as the head doctor of the Kichijoji Minami-Cho Eye Clinic in
September 2012 Opened the Chika Ohara Eye Clinic, Fukuoka
From 2012 to 2016 Worked part time at the Hayashi Eye Hospital, Fukuoka


  • Japan Medical Association
  • Fukuoka City Medical Association
  • Japan Ophthalmologists Association
  • Japanese Ophthalmological Society
  • Japanese Society of Ophthalmic Surgery
  • Fukuoka Ophthalmologists Association



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Mornings: 9:30 to 1:00

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The first visit is one hour before the end time.
Re-examination up to 30 minutes before

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