Placental Extract Injection Treatment

Placental Extract Injection Treatment

What is placental extract?

It’s a substance made from the placenta of humans.
In 1959, Laennec, produced by Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd., was officially recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as medicine for treatment of liver cirrhosis and for improving liver functions. The medicine is still used today, and, as of yet, no major side effects have been reported.
Minor side effects include temporary pain and redness at the injected area, as well as chills, fever, rash and nausea.
The growth factors of placental extract have the effect of slowing down the aging process. There are different types of growth factors, such as EGF, FGF and HGF, each of which promote cellular growth and the building and repair of tissue. For these effects, placental extract has become a well-known anti-aging treatment.
Placental extract also helps cellular activation, fatigue recovery, blood circulation and relief of inflammation. Therefore the treatment is also likely to be effective against eyestrain (copiopia.)

Effects of placental extract

Effects of placental extract
Anti-aging, fatigue recovery, healthy skin, alleviation of menopause symptoms, improvement of liver functions, anti-allergic effects, strengthening of the immune system, hair loss prevention and promotion of hair growth, relief of hypersensitivity to cold temperatures, as well as relief of autonomic dysfunction, headaches and stiff shoulders.

Caution: People who have received placental extract injections, even only once, can no longer donate blood.
Placental extract treatment is not covered by insurance.

Cost of placental extract injection (Laennec): One time (one ampoule) = \1,500




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