Dry-eye Treatment

The symptoms and treatment of dry-eye

The symptoms and treatment of dry-eye

Our clinic also conducts treatment for dry-eye.
Generally, the main form of treatment is by the administration of eye drops. A variety of products are used: artificial tears for moisturizing the eyes, sodium hyaluronate eye drops to keep moisture and heal scratches, as well as eye drops to improve the amount and quality of tears.
For more severe symptoms, we perform treatment with liquid or solid punctal plugs (tear duct plugs).
If you wish to receive treatment, please feel free to consult us any time.

First, start by checking whether you have dry-eye.

Main symptoms of dry-eye

  • 1. Eyes get easily tired
  • 2. Sensation of discomfort in the eyes
  • 3. Blurred or hazy vision
  • 4. Secretion of eye mucus
  • 5. Teary eyes for no apparent reason
  • 6. Itchy eyes

Main causes of dry-eye

  • Insufficient production of tears – Change in tears’ consistency

    Some diseases (such as Sjögren’s syndrome, which can cause problems of the lachrymal glands), certain kinds of medicine, irregular lifestyle, aging, etc.

  • Blinking is too infrequent

    Reading on or working with video displays, computers, video games, smartphones, etc.

  • Tears evaporate too quickly

    Dry environment, direct exposure to wind from air conditioning, large eyes, etc.

  • Other causes

    Usage of contact lenses, exposure to UV light, etc.

Dry-eye treatment (Liquid collagen plugs)

By inserting silicon plugs in the upper and lower lacrimal punctum (the holes where tears are drained), we can prevent the drainage of tears from the eyes.

Click here for more information on liquid collagen plugs (in Japanese)

Solid punctal plugs (left photo) / Liquid collagen punctal plugs (right photo)

Adopt a lifestyle that’s easy on your eyes

  • Keep a good distance from your computer screen and sit in a proper posture.

  • Use eye drops according to the time that was prescribed.

  • Keep appropriate humidity levels at home with a humidifier.

  • Make sure you don’t get wind from air conditioning directly in your eyes.

  • If you feel your eyes are tired, take a break.

  • Wear sunglasses on sunny days.

  • Eat a balanced diet.

  • Get your eyes examined regularly.