Contact Lenses Available for Free Trial

Contact Lenses Available for Free Trial

Here is a list of our recommended contact lenses available for free trial.

Disposable soft contact lenses

Johnson & Johnson One-day use Define, Moist, True Eye, Moist (for astigmatism)
Two-week use Oasys, Oasys (for astigmatism, far or near sightedness), Advance, Define
Alcon 1day Dailies Total 1
Two-week / One-month use Air Optix, Air Optix (for astigmatism, far or near sightedness), Air Optix Colors / EX
Two-week use Moist Eye (for astigmatism)
Menicon Two-week use Premio, Premio (for astigmatism, far or near sightedness)

We also have many types of lenses (color contact lenses) from a variety of brands.

Hard contact lenses

Menicon EX, Menicon Z, and other types from a variety of brands
Located on the fourth floor of the same building as our clinic is Heart Up contact lens Fukuoka Akasaka store, which makes it very convenient to purchase contact lenses.



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